July 2, 2012

Salvo Fair architectural flea market


A couple of weekends ago I got to go to the "world's largest" architectural salvage fair, held out in Berkshire, not far from London.  There was a variety of mostly large pieces: doors, floorboards, windows and other stone fragments and oddities taken from buildings, churches or barns that would be ideal if you were renovating a house from top to bottom! In no way was it the world's largest, however there was an interesting selection. Motivated hunters like my friends and I schlepped through the muddy field to try to find some deals or rescue a piece worthy of taking home. I almost left with a 1950s rocking horse, but it needed a bit too much work to be safe for my childrens' room. My friends found some old wooden crates and steel baskets that will find new uses in their flats.

p.s. I also made this raspberry tart, aiming to feel summery despite the gray skies and damp ground! It was delicious.

June 18, 2012

charming little things

 above from artist Kaija

pencil sketch matchboxes by Krista Charles

both tiny and clever. Krista Charles' artwork found via here.  Kaija's site is here.

Also, I'm adding a new section in the right sidebar, called "culinary notebook." It's where I'll share things I cook from time to time. I've gleaned so much from people who cook and post recipes online and am constantly finding new recipes to try or helpful tips. Being an everyday cook, I would like to keep my own scrapbook of what I try in the kitchen. Most of it is quite simple, but maybe it will inspire you to cook something too.

June 16, 2012

eclectic auction finds

 collection of jewelry, from High Road Auctions in Chiswick, London

campaign folding chair, ebay

 tiny jointed wooden doll, ebay

Anyone who knows me know that I love auctions. I find the range of what you can find is fantastic, and I always come up with interesting and unusual furniture and appealing little things. I enjoy finding things I didn't know I needed, like this useful folding iron campaign chair that becomes a twin bed. Or this tiny wooden jointed doll that would be sweet in a box frame displayed in a child's room. The best thing is these days it's easy to view auction catalogs online and bid, so participating doesn't involve showing up in person, which makes your options geographically unlimited!

June 15, 2012

Hello again.

It's been almost year this little blog has languished. It had to sit by while life took over with a new baby, or rather while my little baby boy took over life for a while- which was happy but consuming.  I've missed blogging and endeavor to start once again.  Sparse as my posts were, keeping an online notebook full of pretty things is something I have enjoyed and would like to continue. Thanks for stopping by, peeking at my blog and leaving me comments from time to time. I enjoy them and love to connect with you.

scenes from country spaces

Rooms in 18th century farmhouse in a coastal town in Denmark. I especially love the very simple kitchen.

fireplaces, stoves, warm kitchens and cozy beds with soft linens well-worn. my dream 2nd home! perfect for relaxing and unwinding! (all photos from UK Country Living)

June 21, 2011

Pretty shop windows

The other day I was walking in an unfamiliar neighborhood and noticed the window display of a shoe shop. There aren't that many small shops that go all out for windows that I've come across here, so this shoe shop caught my eye with giant poufs in ice cream colors- so fanciful I thought they'd be cute in my little girl's room. Well, randomly I happened upon a site today, Supermarket Sarah (you must see her site if you haven't already) which featured the creator of that very window display, a set designer named Cordelia Weston. I know everyone may be tired of seeing tissue paper pom poms hanging around in blog decor, but these were really different, and quite beautiful- more like ballet costumes than paper poms. I'm inspired to try to make some. (photos from Cordelia Weston's blog)