October 29, 2010

Console tables

 image from Country Home

 photo from Cote de Texas

from Australian Home Beautiful

Well, after a long silence and a couple of weeks of lovely sunny holiday, I'm trying to jump back in. Sometimes I don't feel inspired to blog, and other times I think everything worth blogging has been blogged already, you know? Nonetheless, I enjoy cataloging my finds and sharing my perspective, even if it isn't entirely unique.  I do wish to be more consistent, when life doesn't get in the way!

I have several "home projects" going on simultaneously, and one is looking for a console table. Consoles really finish off a room to me, especially one with a long blank wall space. I'm on the hunt and haven't come up with anything yet, but I definitely have some favorites (below). I lean toward the rustic sort of table with some large, old baskets underneath for storing winter wraps, but I am not seeing these rustic types of tables anywhere in London, so that may not be what I end up with.
(last photo from Interiors, an out of print magazine, via Simply Natural Decor blog)


Claire Marie said...

Know exactly what you mean - sometimes the inspiration just isn't there, is it, and you have to sort of encourage yourself to blog? And with an inspiration-based blog, it can be hard at times...

Love the first photo.

Claire Marie

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're back, I love your blog!

Paula Jo @ Home Decor Aceents said...

You have a great blog. Glad to see you back. The console table are all unique, and each one looks right for just that certain room.


I love everything about the post, some are notably the color palette and how low the painting is hung behind the lamps over the console.Stunning Spaces.
You have an incredible blog

Jamie Herzlinger said...

Great job! You have a great eye! Keep it going! Just found your blog!
Jamie Herzlinger