August 12, 2007


An all-white kitchen might be seen as a blank canvas on which to unleash culinary creativity. Or, more likely, seen as a consistent struggle to keep clean since every single splatter or speck shows up. I love the idea, but I'm also messy in the kitchen and don't necessarily want to see every blemish.

White makes everything seems so spacious and bright. This kitchen, being larger than my living room, actually is spacious. The well-scrubbed look is attractive, but there is a sort of sterile quality about it. Photo from stylist Atlanta Barret's site, Beach Studios, in the UK.

This smaller cream and white version from Marie Claire Maisons is appealing, partially because I am used to cooking in a small space, where everything is within arm's reach (literally). I especially love that kitchen was cobbled together from used things: the floorboards were taken from the cars of old SNCF trains in France and the marble countertops were dug from a ditch of a former marble worker!