August 9, 2007

A study in deep blue & white

Recently I happened upon the striking photographs of Australian stylist Christine Rudolph's work. These elements come together perfectly- I especially like the arrangement of artwork on the wall- some framed and other pieces unframed. The dark blue walls give a shadowy look, so the black & white silhouettes and line drawings stand out. Stark contrasts make these rooms dramatic, but still simple.

Though I don't know if I could actually display taxidermied birds in my own living room, I like the idea. It's kind of like bringing remnants of the hunting lodge back to your city apartment! The bird fits with the naturalized elements trend over the past year (antlers and such - note to style mags: please, no more antlers). I love the darkly painted floors in the living room too- which of course, can only work if a room has tons of light, and this one does!

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BriBriMX said...

thanks for all this beautiful photos