September 12, 2007

Gebruder Vienna chair

It's been twice now that this yellow chair caught my eye, and I had to find out more about it: Turns out it's made by Gebruder Thonet, the Austrian company founded in 1853 by German cabinet maker Michael Thonet. This chair is called "Viener Stuhl," and I discovered it in Inside Out magazine this month. Thonet is known for bentwood furniture, most notably the Vienna Chair No. 14, one of the most succesful commercial products in history (it's similar to the little green chair on the right.) The design and making of these chairs has hardly changed since 1905. I am drawn to chairs that are somewhat shorter in the back, to fit my not very tall frame. And the cheery color is perfect. photos courtesy of Inside Out July/Aug 2007; Chris Chen, the names agency.