October 17, 2007

Collecting: antique playing cards

Maybe I've never considered playing cards as a cool decorative element, but I ran across these and the colors and designs seemed interesting. They'd be nice in a frame or reproduced on wallpaper, maybe? I never realized the history behind playing cards, but they have been around since the 14th Century. (photos: ebay, World of Playing Cards, with more than you'll ever need to know about cards)

children's cards from Cuba

Spain, '70's

wildlife playing cards from the '70's


lush said...

a wonderful post. i've been wanting to incorporate antique playing cards into my object photographs for a while now, and was reminded to keep looking for them after seeing danske's beautiful photos of old playing cards on flickr just yesterday and now reading this.

mln said...

seems like you don't see them so much as a design which is why i like them. thanks for reading!