October 6, 2007

More French Friday: La Maison de Marthe Desmoulins

I wasn't able to post much this week after traveling and then catching a cold. I've found so much to share, though, so I'm posting over the weekend to catch up. First, Stylist Marthe Desmoulins' home in Vaucluse was in Marie Claire Maison, the September edition. It is curious- the idiosyncratic decor seems more Scandinavian (all the chairs) with a little American vintage thrown in (like the Toledo chair at the table), than French, does it to you? She seems interesting: Marthe is a stylist I'm not familiar with, but apparently everyone knows of her for her legendary, (and now closed,) Paris boutique, Absinthe. Now, she has a boutique in Tokyo, Bazar et Garde-Manger, and plans to open a guest house. photos courtesy Marie Claire Maison

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Delphine R2M said...

Thanks to Marthe, my flowers, mushrooms and pendants out of polymer clay and now in Japan!