March 18, 2008

Colorful bed throws & pillows

I've had all-white bedding for a while, which I've loved. But seeing these bursts of color, I think I may be ready for a change. Candy-colored throws and pillows could really cheer up the room.
(above photos from: House to Home and House Beautiful Feb. 2008)

Found some great throws and pillows online now- there's a lot of suzani-inspired bedding around at the moment. But there are plenty of other patterns to choose from too.

These throws and cushions above are form company c. And below, a couple of cushions in the Santee pattern and a bed in the Hyde pattern from the same store.

Or for quieter patterns, check out the Mirage or Blossom sets from from Sweet Home London.

and this Esperanza pattern from Designer's Guild.

Seems like this bold Cannes pattern from Nancy Koltes would really wake you up! Of course, Designer's Guild also has tons of offerings when it comes to patterns and brights for the bed. I really like this Zenia pattern (below) against the fuschia headboard.

You could even mix several really eye-catching pillows like these (DG "Rocaille" ) with a solid color bed throw. There are so many options- mixing solids with patterns so it's not too busy, or just jumbling several patterns all together. It can really work if there is something consistent like the color or style!


Ziakoko said...

Just found your blog, love the bedspreads at the top- keep up the good work! Zia

annie said...

thank you for such wonderful rooms! your blog name is very true, I get so much inspiration from your posts!

mln said...

Ziakoko- thanks for the compliment! Your pillows on your website are beautiful.

Annie- thank you for reading! I discovered your blog, too- so creative and interesting.

Katrina said...

wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! the bright colors are completely inspiring and so full of charm. thanks for the links...

oldflowers4me said...

i just have to say thankyou- i really loved looking at your blog-singing and skipping-jo

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

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