July 18, 2008

duck-egg blue walls

I'm dreaming up ideas for my new sweet little baby girl's room (explains the absence from posting!) and have decided on pale pale aqua walls. I think it makes a nice calming background for a room, plus provides a pretty contrast to all the pink accessories my little girl is acquiring! I've been inspired by these photos for the paint color.


roomwithaview said...

Hello - and welcome to the UK! Love your site - you clearly know exactly what you're doing - I'm a freelance interiors journo, too and - for what it's worth - I'm sure you'll have absolutely NO TROUBLE WHATSOEVER getting work over here if you haven't already got it (tho it sounds as if you have your hands full with a new baby - don't worry you WILL get some sleep again one day very soon - just give it six months, that's all!)

::{J}:: said...

That Domino nursery with the wallpaper Giraffe & pink Flor tiles has been one of my top 5 favorites for a long time!!

louise Andersson said...

Love the last picture!! Lovely lightshades!

You blog is lovely!

best wishes, louise at http://martelouise.blogspot.com

Leigh said...

Love the baby room. Our little bundle has a vintage inspired room with splashes of yellow, red,and turquoise. Sorry to ask this in a comment but I don't see a way to email you directly via your profile. Love your blog and wanted to write about it and post a few random pics you've posted. I started to write it today but I see that you ask that people ask permission. Would that be okay with you? Thank you!