September 29, 2008

Feminine decor

I'm going through a phase where I swoon over rooms that are decidedly feminine. I think this was brought on because I'm trying to figure out how to infuse some feminine charm into my own rooms- kind of tricky when my husband's style, which is cool in itself, leans toward the heavier side with accents of steel accessories and darker-colored 40s and 50s retro relics. Softly-colored walls, elegant drapes, sparkling chandeliers and French antiques are calming and pretty and make me feel at home. Maybe an antique French chair with curved lines, a crystal vase kept filled with flowers- something to bring lightness in- could work to counterbalance? It's a challenge. I don't want to fill the space with pink and frills, but there must be a way to add some ladylike charm? (photos: top- designer Suzanne Kasler; Southern Accents; Oct. 2008 House Beautiful; Domino)

September 27, 2008

Rustic, romantic, forgotten

I like looking at rooms that might have gone a long time without visitors. Forgotten, yet still inviting. These photos remind me of a hidden country house- a little bit dreamy- places that beacon you to come in and poke around to see what you might find. (photos from Cote Sud, Campagne Decor, Don Freeman)