July 17, 2009

Beautiful windows: a visual treat

After a move, followed by couple of weeks of no internet service, I'm so happy to be up and running again. Wow, who knew that it would take so long to get internet service at our new flat? (Just one of the differences in the way things work in London...)

Today, just a little visual delight. I love looking at gorgeous windows and the way sunlight coming into a room transforms everything! (from top: James Tse photography; Ina Garten's NYC home via Things that Inspire; skona hem; Elle Decor June 2009, via Rosenow floral design; unknown; unknown)

It's interesting that (in my opinion) one thing that gives away an American interior as opposed to a European interior is the windows. As soon as I see photos of certain types of windows, I immediately can tell that it's European (or even old-world South American). For some reason, American homes don't seem to ever use the same window sizes and shapes, which just gives a different look.
These look quintessentially American to me (as well as the windows in the very top photograph of this post), with their three-across rectangle pane design (I'm sure there's an official name for it but I don't know what it is.) photo from Southern Accents

While these look unmistakeably French:

Marie Claire Maison


Things That Inspire said...

Beautiful pictures in this post! Your observation about windows looking American or European is an interesting one. I often think that this rings true for kitchens too; my Scottish aunt's kitchen is SO different from an American kitchen. And yet, it seems like Americans are coming around to a more European style of kitchen these days, and maybe even more European styles of windows.

Human resources management said...

thanks for the post.. its so lovely

One Ford Road said...

Beautiful rooms!

<3 Lindsay

Anthony said...

I love the first one! It’s pretty inspiring! Black and white combine gives a sophisticated feeling and the puff of brown and light blue color uplifted the atmosphere more! Anyone would love to sit here and have a moment of silence and just enjoy the relaxing environment.

Anthony Blommel