November 17, 2009

A restored Belgian farmhouse

An artistic director and a graphic designer (with 4 children) restored this former farmhouse in Brussells to its current charming state. I'm always attracted to black & white tile floors and tall bookcases! And I love that pearlescent tile shown partially on the wall in the kitchen/dining area- an unusual touch. A few modern elements are mixed in with traditional ones, and it's quite different from typical Belgian-style interiors. (photos from Claudio Tajoli/ Francesca Berte; from Hachette Home Oct. 2009)


susan said so said...

The under-eaves bedroom, and the checkerboard floors: yes!


Shannon said...

Simply yet elegant! I love that chandelier in the 1st photo. Beautiful! :-)


karey m. said...

loving this sight...i need to make you a daily stop. well done.

Paula Jo said...

Oh, I just love it. Simple but cute as a button. Looks so cozy.

Marcela said...

Your blog and post are beautiful!
Bs As,