May 2, 2010

Home in the Kenyan Rift Valley + one of the coolest nurseries ever

the nursery: check out the lovely foldable baby crib!

I don't post dwellings like this much. Truth is, I don't often find them in the magazines I read. This is the kind of place that wouldn't work as a living situation for most people. But the few who could learn to navigate living in the wild would reap scenery like few people ever experience, along with other rewards that may come from putting your life at nature's mercy (you can tell I don't even know what those might be). This couple is Carolyn Roumeguere and Simon Douglas-Dufresne, who both grew up with rather nomadic lifestyles, so it suits them. She designs jewelry and he sells electrical fences to game reserves.  On the edge of an escarpment overlooking the Kenyan Rift Valley they live with their baby daughter. Their home is composed of a series of detached rooms, as opposed to one large building. They enjoy the contrast of open-air rooms, but they also have modern-day conveniences like the decent plumbing, hot water and the internet! Dreamy, isn't it? (photos by Simon Upton, from Vogue, year unknown)


anita said...

i love this! beautiful blog - just found you.

Geisslein said...

I wish I could life there....such a beautiful and breathtaking home! wow!

Philippines properties said...

WOW! This place is really cool. I love what I see.

Paula M