July 17, 2010

La dolce vita: Silvia Venturini Fendi's home in Ponzi

Gorgeous shots of the sunny home in the Italian hills of the island of Ponza. Love those round windows on the patio! I want to be on that patio. I'm going to stare at these and imagine being in Italy. (photos by Ditte Isager, Elle Decoration July 2010)


Things That Inspire said...

What I love about places like this is that they are not trying so hard...they just are exquisite and perfect for their environment. It seems like some American houses and decor are simply trying too hard to be perfect or 'authentic'.

Flaviana said...

Oh I agree, this house is stunning, so effortless and still magnificent.. I warn you though,, not all italian summer houses are like that ;-)

mn said...

things that inspire: I agree with you. This type of interior is so appealing to me. It doesn't look as if it's been designed to the hilt. I see so many houses now that say "An interior designer was here" because of the perfect placement of curated objects, without much originality.

Flaviana: I hear your warning, but continue to dream:)

Mary @ RoomPolish said...

oh my goodness, that kitchen is to die for! I love the lived in yet fabulous feel. How do they make it look so simple and uncomplicated!?? thank you for sharing with us!