August 16, 2010

The simple home: white, cream and natural

I love this relaxed bedroom. Couldn't you just sink right in?

Love this striped upholstery!

I  wanted to show some of my favorite photos from an old book called The Simple Home, by Julia Bird, with photography by Pia Tryde.  The interiors show a classic, white and cream color scheme with lots of natural elements, like wood, rattan, linen and layered textures with flowers or branches placed around the rooms.  The look is definitely timeless- would you believe the book is from 1995? The lesson here is if you don't want your home to look outdated, you could stick to a color palette like this and it would work for a long time. Whether you choose antique, classic or modern/contemporary furniture, I think the principle is the same in that whites and naturals never look out of style! (photos by Pia Tryde)


heidi said...

we liked the stripes as well. we have a similar settee - that could be the solution for the reupholstering it desperately needs.

Rachel said...

this is just beautiful. My favorite look. Your blog is wonderful, thanks for sharing!