June 13, 2011

Artist's studio- Stanley Lewis

I am always interested in artists' dwellings, aren't you? This studio is where English artist Stanley Lewis lived and worked in Yorkshire for the last 7 years of his life, until he died at the age of 103. What a remarkable man! He painted every day for 84 years! But he didn't start to become known until the age of 101, having rejected the traditional commercial art market path when he was young. An article about him is here.

Thought this is a tiny peek into his home, I think it's representative of what one often finds when looking into artsists' private quarters. Prints and drawings cover every surface and the walls are filled, maybe a little haphazardly. But in the article, Mr. Lewis says, "I call it organized chaos and I know exactly where everything is." I think that is a common trait of artists. (Photos and quote from World of Interiors, April 2010)


Blue Turtle said...

I just love to visit an artists' studio. There's no other place to know the artist better than his studio. Amazing!

J. Harp
writer @ Interior Design Pro

bron @ baby space said...

oh, yes. I love peeking inside studios of artists and authors. lovely to find your blog :)