January 10, 2008

Alicia Bell

Usually I don't write about fashion in this blog. But I found a new (to me) designer, which I absolutely love. I really like the romantic fabrics, the '40s-style shapes- all of it is deliciously pretty. Alicia Bell is known for her tailored button-up shirts out of soft cotton with pleated cuffs that fan out. (She used to work with Vivienne Westwood, and I can see the influence.) She also practices the lost art of custom-making blouses. But her website shows her design talent in other pieces like the less-tailored tops and fancy dresses. I haven't seen them in any shops, however. Anyone know where to find the dresses?


Jennifer R. said...

i also wish i knew where to find her dresses, love this post and her style is quite nice. Funny though, is that her in the shots?
looks like it could be....


Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards'

maggienikole said...

really cute.

Anonymous said...

Saks. I love Bell. I have one of the shirt dresses, and I have to tell you-- I could wear that thing every freaking day!!!

No.35style said...

So cute and I like the house the photos were taken in.