January 6, 2008

Photo/ food inspiration: Mikkel Vang/ Gourmet

Mikkel Vang's photos are not new to the blogging world, but I was inspired to find out about this photographer after this month's (January) issue of Gourmet magazine, which was all about Southern cooking (and one of my favorite Southern cooks and authors, the late Edna Lewis). This brunch, in particular, looked so good I was almost moved to try to re-create it.

lower photos from Mikkel Vang, courtsey of Judith Miller Inc.


Bailey said...

Hello - I read your blog about the January issue of Gourmet Magazine and it's feature on Edna Lewis. I was privileged to get to know Miss Lewis during the last years of her life. I am a documentary maker in Atlanta, Georgia and I've produced a documentary about Edna Lewis, her life and her relationship with Scott Peacock.

It is featured on the Gourmet Magazine website. Here's how to watch it until the end of January:

The link is on the site.

When you go to Gourmet.com, you will see a photo of Edna Lewis online. Click on the title of documentary, Fried Chicken and Sweet Potato Pie and it will play.

You can also see the documentary on the Georgia Public Broadcasting site C-47:


My website, http://bbarash.com/index.htm has more information about the film and the story of Miss Lewis.
Bailey Barash

Emma said...

I love Interior Divine, so much inspiration!
Thank you

mln said...

Thank you, Emma, for your kind words! I appreciate your reading my blog and hope you enjoy it.

ParisBreakfasts said...

I would have never thought those photos were from Gourmet Mag!?
Way too edgy for them...