June 19, 2009

Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves

Lately I've been admiring floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. Here are some I've found particularly pretty. I have found, though, that bookshelves can look so disheveled without serious attention. Why is it in interior shots, bookshelves never seem to look as hodge-podge as mine? (photos: Gianni Botsford architects; Elle Decor; Mary Ruffle)

These aren't floor to ceiling, but I love the clean, white background they provide, and in the first photo of this set, I really like the way the shelves are used as display. Maybe they could be a room divider used in this way? (photos: black white yellow)


Leigh said...

I love floor to ceiling bookshelves too, and all the examples you've shown are really great to look at. My favorite in-person example that I loved was a cafe in Kyoto. It was a great loft space. Here are some pictures of it on Flickr.

*SNYdesign said...

These are all great alternatives to your regular bookshelves! Good work:)


These are all great examples. I'm looking for some guidance/examples of floor-to-ceiling bookshelves that can act as a sort of free standing, semi-transparent wall. I have a large room I want to bisect without closing off the space entirely. Any suggestions?

mn said...

Leigh: I love the book-filled cafe in your Flickr stream. So cool.

SNYdesign: thanks for your comment!

Robert: I'm looking for the same thing too and will be posting a follow-up on bookshelves that can act as a room divider. Coming up.

Petra - Designfragment said...

Stunningly beautiful! I am not very fond of bookshelves unless they are made into a extravagant feature in the home. If they aren't, I think it tends to look cluttered and messy. But these; Wonderful!

/Petra- Designfragment

mn said...
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mn said...

Hi Robert, for now, take a look at these as examples. they seem to do the job of divinding a room while stikll letting in light.



Zia Meadows said...

so gorgeous but it doesnt quite work on tiny walls I'm afraid!

Amber said...

We decided to tidy our bookshelves by shelving books according to the colour spectrum. Now it looks like a glorious rainbow. The height variations don't seem to be as visually disruptive as varying colours. Banishing the Dewey system for storing books makes it tricky to find things, but it looks great!

TheDecoDetective said...

I recognize the problem! I've done two things: Sort by colour, and give away/put away for storage the books I don't fancy at the moment.

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