October 14, 2009

An Italian interior: Villa Tigliano, near Florence

While away in Italy the past couple of weeks, I found a new magazine that I am crazy about, called Il Meglio di Ville Giardini. The houses and gardens featured (not to mention the photography) are just gorgeous. I'll be posting a few of my favorites inside the 2009 collector's issue I brought home. First up: this 13th century Italian residence, called Villa Tigliano, is located not far from Florence. I can hardly imagine living in a structure so ancient and I do wonder how they have kept it up over the years. I do love the authenticity of an interior that isn't made to look old, but just is.
Characteristic of Italian style, (especially in the countryside)
simple, sparsely-placed furnishings allow the old-world interior to be the main player. (photos by Adriano Brusaferri)


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Gorgeous photography. Love at first sight.